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    Day Trip: Sirmione, Italy

    Ciao! Last weekend we spent a day in Sirmione, which is a sweet little town along Lake Garda, in northern Italy in the Veneto region. It sit on a peninsula that divides the lower part of Lake Garda. Every little corner was so picturesque! Back in 1st century BC, Sirmione, along with most of Lake Garda, was a favorite resort vacation for the rich families coming from Verona. In the late Roman empire it became a defender of the southern shores. What remains is a gorgeous (& very touristy) lake town! We drove and parking is limited, even during the off season, so that took some time to figure out.…

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    Italy So Far…What I love, What I Miss!

    Ciao! We’ve officially been in Italy for over three weeks, and it honestly feels like three months. While time is definitely flying by, living in this itty bitty hotel room can make the days drag a bit too. BUT we’re in Italy! So Im doing by best not to complain, to just embrace it, and to look at the bright side of it; everything is within walking distance,

  • My NSale Picks! (What I'm ACTUALLY shopping)

    My NSale Picks! (What I’m ACTUALLY shopping)

    all items linked below (except the best leggings EVER!! (seriously i own multiple pairs!)) also part of the sale! If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram the last 7 days, then you know there’s a little thing called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on..ha. I know how obnoxious it has gotten, so Im not here to share 50 different items that I would return later. 😉 I’m sharing exactly what I bought and what I think is totally worth it! Just as a note, a lot of these items are currently sold out, BUT Im sharing them and linking to them anyways in hopes that they get restocked tonight when the public sale…

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    FAVORITE Swimsuits for Summer!

    swimsuit (on sale!!) swimsuit (on sale! & 3 more color options!) (everything else linked HERE) swimsuit here (other outfit details linked HERE) Can you even believe were already nearing the end of JUNE!! Where is time going?! While I am so dang excited for our next adventure, I also don’t want Summer to go by so quickly! Its my favorite season and we’re just soaking it up! So swimsuits! Ive had an obsession this year, I keep buying them! ha I have more than I probably need (although I personally think you can never have too many, just like shoes! 😉 ) And I rounded up a bunch of my…

  • We're Moving To....ITALY!!!
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    We’re Moving To….

    “I’ve always dreamed of travel, why should we die where we are born.. I wanna tear down boundaries…I wanna see what I haven’t seen.” LG ITALY!!! I MEAN, WHAT!?! Words will never do justice for how freakin’ excited we are! This opportunity, is an actual dream come true. Ive dreamt of seeing all of Europe since the first time I went to Paris when I was 16. I figured we’d visit a few times in our lives, but never in a million years did I think I would get the chance to LIVE there! I’m still in utter disbelief! ha Ive said it 1000 times, but ill say it again,…

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    Memorial Day Weekend Recap! (& all outfit details!)

    similar hat | sunglasses | earrings | bathing suit (more colors HERE) If you follow me over on Instagram, then you saw that we took off for the long weekend last Thursday! It’s always so nice to get away with from the craziness of the day to day as a family, and since it was the last day of school, it was the perfect kick off to summer! We spent the first couple of nights at the Hilton Squaw Peak resort, and them moved over to the Waldorf Astoria. Both resorts were absolutely gorgeous and so much fun for all of us! This was actually our second stay at the…