Five Things Friday

    new hair

    //I have been adding more and more blonde to my hair every time Ive gone the last few years, and I was over it. So back to dark I went, and its so refreshing!

    favorite purchase

    // THE softest pajamas ever. there are only a few sizes left but if its your size, snag one. they’re so warm, and soft. I wish I would have bought a set in every color. I never used to buy real pjs, i would just sleep in my husbands shirts or wear leggings, but recently I started indulging in pajamas and I’ll never look back. I’m convinced a good pair is one of life’s greatest little luxuries.

    the best show

    // we flew through ‘the night of’ earlier this week. It was so crazy, think SVU, but a lot wilder. It left us wondering too, which I both love/hate with shows (especially when its so long until the next season!) but this one was so, so good. We turned out friends on to it, and the binged it as fast as we did! Definitely check it out!

    via the iron you

    yummiest (healthier) treat

    // these brownies. errr my god. so good, so hard to practice self restraint. i followed the paleo options, and they were killer! we shared them with our neighbors and they loved them-no idea they were healthier!

    best read this week

    // how to be awesome. seriously, it’s an AWESOME read, in just a couple days, Ive found myself already practicing some of this and its incredible how quickly your attitude can change. read this, then bookmark it, and read through it again. is a real good one.

    this weeks recap!


    instagram roundup..links to all outfit details from last week
    christmas in pretty & so fun!
    favorite home workouts..all under 30 minutes and super effective!

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